2024 Speyside Golf Festival - 2nd to 6th September

    Registration for 2024 Speyside Golf Festival is now closed.

 The entry fee is £225, great value for money:

  Monday, 2nd September - Boat of Garten Golf Club

  Tuesday, 3rd September - Grantown-on-Spey Golf Club

  Wednesday, 4th September - Moray Golf Club, Old Course

  Thursday, 5th September - Forres Golf Club

  Friday, 6th September - Elgin Golf Club

Reports of all  the previous years' competitions can be found in our Festival News section.

The Speyside Golf Festival is now on Facebook, click here to read our latest news, and Speyside Golf Festival can also be found on Golf Empire.

Please contact Steve Crane at info@speysidegolfexperience.com for further information.



All players will receive a complimentary Titleist ProV1 and a miniature of Single Malt Scotch Whisky or Gin at Boat of Garten Golf Club, before teeing off.

Gordon & MacPhail (the World’s Leading Malt Whisky Specialist) will be pleased to arrange VIP visits to Benromach distillery in Forres; as will Johnstons of Elgin, of their world-famous Cashmere Visitor Centre - both a ‘must do’ when visiting Speyside.

Following the final round, there will be a free buffet for all players, and the event will be rounded off with the prize-giving and presentation of the trophy to the winner.

At each course there are two excellent prizes for both ladies and gents to be competed for on a daily basis, with an extensive prize fund of golfing gifts and quality products from Speyside.

The overall winner receives a quaich to retain, a voucher for £250 and a 70cl bottle of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Vouchers ranging from £200 to £50 are also presented to those coming 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th over the week’s play.

Play at each of these splendid courses is averaging out at £45 per round and we believe this represents exceptional value for a great golf week. We look forward to meeting old friends and hopefully many new faces in 2024.


Terms & Conditions

 1. Age - Players must be 18 years and older.

 2. Handicap - The maximum permitted WHS handicap for competitors is 28 for men and 36 for ladies. All must be members of a recognized golf club affiliated to their country’s governing body, and must present a current & active handicap certificate from their club (in accordance with WHS).

 3. Format - Play for both Ladies & Gents will be in 3-ball. The main competition is an aggregate Stableford, best 4 out of 5 scores, for the overall competition but there will also be daily competitions for both Ladies and Gentlemen.

 4. Tee Times - Although not always possible, every attempt will be made to allocate your Preferred Tee Times.

 5. Entry Fees - £225 per person.

 6. Motorized buggies are permitted - Any golfer requiring a buggy should contact the clubs direct.

 7. Cancellations - Made by 1st May 2024 will be given a full refund, by 1st August 2024 will be given a 50% refund, and after this date no refund can be given.

 8. Prizes - Daily Prizes will be available to collect from the desk. Overall Prize Winners must attend the prize-giving on the final night of the tournament to receive their prize, as prizes cannot be sent on.

 9. GPS measuring devices are permitted

10. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.

11. Registration will only become active on receipt of full payment. 

Speyside Golf Festival 2023

Congratulations to Debbie Hudson (The Oxfordshire) who’s 35-point haul on Day 5 at Elgin saw her surge through the field to become 2023 Speyside Golf Festival champion, with an impressive 144 points in the best 4 from 5 rounds competition.

2023 Winner

Click here to see the full list of results (the password is caddie).

Day 5 – Elgin

Day 5 - Elgin

Bright sunshine, no wind and the perfect golfing conditions welcomed the Speyside Golf Festival to Elgin on Day 5 for the culmination of the 2023 event. Here, we see the 12th green, with Ken Sutton (Eaton), Kevin Hudson (The Oxfordshire) and Amos Ferguson (Eaton).

Daily winners:
    Gents 1 - Mike Loudon, 36 points
              2 - Scott Fraser, 36
              3 - Howard Milligan, 36

    Ladies 1 - Mandy McBain, 38 points
               2 - Margaret Andrews 38
               3 - Anna Major, 37

At the close of the Festival, the leading cumulative scores were:
    1 - Debbie Hudison, 144 points
    2 - Richard Newcombe,143 
    3 - Scott Fraser, 142
    4 - John Murphy, 142
    5 - Keith Hudson, 141

Click here to see the full list of results (the password is caddie).

Day 4 – Forres

Day 4 - Forres

Once again, excellent conditions - both weather-wise, and for golf - saw the 2023 Speyside Golf Festival, for Day 4, travel to Forres. Here, we see volunteer starter Cherry Faulkner (85) pictured with, from left to right, Pat Parkhouse (Morton hall), Jan Woollen (Eaton), Jane Derrick (Dyke).

Daily winners:
    Gents 1 - Richard Newcombe, 40 points
              2 - Colin McKenzie, 40
              3 - Anthony Light, 38

    Ladies 1 - Julie Sargeant, 37 points
               2 - Jane Derrick, 36
               3 - Debbie Hudson, 35

Aggregate leaders (after fourr ounds):
    1 - Kevin Hudson, 141 points
    2 - Martin Derrick, 141
    3 - John McBride, 139

Day 3 – Moray

Day 3 - Moray

More excellent golfing conditions greeted participants in the 2023 Speyside Golf Festival on Day 3, at Moray Golf Club. Pictured opposite is the 18th green of the Old Course, just having completed their round are Colin Mackenzie (Moray), Andy Laird (Kibworth) and John Murphy (Wearside).

Daily winners:
    Gents 1 - Richard Lawton, 39 points
              2 - Dan Masson, 38
              3 - Roald Uri, 38

    Ladies 1 - Marie Curran, 39 points
               2 - Debbie Hudson, 38
               3 - Debbie Wallace, 36

Aggregate leaders (after three rounds):
    1 - Tony Curran, 109 points
    2 - Martin Derrick, 107
    3 - Brian Thomson, 105

Day 2 – Grantown-on-Spey

Day 2 - Grantown-on-Spey

The second day and the Festival, blessed with more lovely weather, resumed at Grantown-on-Spey with an ‘international’ flavour to the day’s events, England v Scotland: England represented by Chart Hills Golf Club; Scotland, by Western Gailes.

Daily winners:
    Gents 1 - Anthony Light, 40 points
              2 - Kevin Hudson, 40
              3 - Martin Derrick, 39

    Ladies 1 - Patricia Ross, 39 points
               2 - Libby Lennox, 38
               3 - Debbie Hudson, 36

Aggregate leaders (after two rounds):
    1 - Kevin Hudson, 74 points
    2 - Martin Derrick, 74
    3 - Tony Curran, 74

Day 1 – Boat of Garten

Day 1 - Boat of Garten

To the right, beautiful weather to start the week, and competitors basking in the glorious September sunshine, relaxing and enjoying the occasion post-round at Boat of Garten on the first day of the 2023 Speyside Golf Festival.

Congratulations go to Anna Major (Cavendish), who scored a hole-in-one at the 3rd hole, Craigard, 143 yards.

Daily winners:
    Gents 1 - Paul Mullen, 38 points
              2 - Tony Curran, 36
              3 - Richard Newcombe, 35

    Ladies 1 - Jane Derrick, 37 points
               2 - Fiona Findlay, 35
               3 - Liz Ruscoe, 33

Speyside Golf Festival 2022

Congratulations to Gary Stott (Vale of Leven) who’s excellent golf saw him crowned the new Speyside Golf Festival champion, with an impressive 4-round total of 138 points, winning but only on better countback score over the four days.


2022 Winner

Click here to see the full list of results (the password is caddie).

Day 5 – Elgin

Day 5 - MorayAnd so the final day of the 2022 Speyside Golf Festival, and the event conclusion at Elgin Golf Club.

Pictured opposite is the starter at Elgin, Bryce Milne, along with Andy Laird (Kibworth), Richard Lawton (Kibworth) and Stanley Cook (Lancaster).

Daily winners were:

    1 – Gary Stott, 40 points
    2 – Norman Mackay, 39
    3 – Per Lindstrum, 38

    1 – Debbie Hudson, 37 points
    2 – Sheila Spreadborough, 36
    3 – Marie Giblin, 34

At the close of the Festival, the leading cumulative scores were:

    1 - Gary Stott, 138 points
    2 - Norman Mackay, 138
    3 – Paul Proctor, 137
    4 – Mike Winton, 136
    5 – Graham Lambie, 135


Day 4 – Forres

The fourth day of the 2022 Speyside Golf Festival, and a visit to Muiryshade, the home of Forres Golf Club.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Tony Lockett, 41 points
    2 – Mats Bjellsater, 39
    3 – Rob Ford, 38

    1 – Lynn Manson, 38 points
    2 – Jane Mitchell, 38
    3 – Jane Wilkinson, 36


Day 3 – Moray

Day 3 - MorayOn to Lossiemouth for the next round of the 2022 Speyside Golf Festival, on the Old Course at Moray Golf Club, with another 'dreich' day to spoil the fun of the early starters, with start of play delayed by one hour.

Pictured opposite are the members of the Swedish contingent. From left to right, Jorgen Karlsson, Per Lindstrum, Mats Bjellsater, Goran Wangelin, Jarmo Makinen and Anton Persson - välkommen till Skottland.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Graham Lambie, 37 points
    2 – John Murphy, 35
    3 – Dan Mason, 35

    1 – Anne Hanson, 36 points
    2 – Sheila Spreadborough, 34
    3 – Susanna Newman, 31


Day 2 – Boat of Garten

Day 2 - Boat of GartenA new day, and the 2022 Speyside Golf Festival moved into the heart of Speyside and Boat of Garten Golf Club - then disaster struck, the forecast thundery showers arrived, the course became unplayable and play had to be abandoned for the day!

While the weather was good enough for play to take place, pictured opposite, on the first tee at Boat of Garten are Carol Cheyne (South Winchester), Sonia Barker (Burnham Beeches), Silvia Fitzpatrick (Middlesborough).








Day 1 – Grantown-on-Spey

Day 1 - Grantown-on-SpeyMorayGrantown-on-Spey Golf Club gave a warm, if initially damp, welcome to the competitors in the 2022 Speyside Golf Festival, now in its 11th year, and firmly established as a popular international event, with entrants from ‘a’ pairts’.

Pictured opposite, on the first tee at Grantown-on-Spey Golf Club are Fergus Arnott (Cathcart Castle), Mike Winton (Pitlochry) and John Murphy (Weirside).

Daily winners were:

    1 – Paul Proctor, 39 points
    2 – Mike Winton, 38
    3 – Graham Lambie, 38

    1 – Lynn Manson, 36 points
    2 – Anne Hanson, 34
    3 – Dot Snape, 34

Speyside Golf Festival 2021

Congratulations to Graham Lambie who’s excellent golf all week – including his first ever hole-in-one , at Grantown-on-Spey, on Wednesday – saw him crowned the 10th Speyside Golf Festival champion, with an impressive best 4 of 5 total of 154 points, eight ahead of his nearest rival.


2021 Winner

Click here to see the full list of results (the password is caddie).

Day 5 – Elgin

Day 5 - ElginDay 5 and a worry that the final round of the 2021 Speyside Golf Festival may not start on time because of unexpected, dense mist.

Fortunately visibility improved and play proceeded as planned with the first three-ball (pictured opposite) of Jamie Lockhart, Neil Moreland and Scott Moreland successfully completing their round at 12:07pm.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Graham Lambie, 42 points
    2 – Jarmo Mackinen, 41
    3 – Neil McLeod, 38

    1 – Fiona Findlay, 40 points
    2 – Marian Evans, 39
    3 – Angela Flynn, 38

Final Leaderboard:
    1 – Graham Lambie, 154 points
    2 – Anna Major, 146
    3 – Scott Taylor, 145
    4 – Paul Mullen, 144
    5 – Phil Major, 144

Day 4 – Boat of Garten

Day 4 - Boat of GartenThe extremely good weather deserted the Festival on Day 4, with competitors being welcomed to overcast and damp conditions at Boat of Garten which, fortunately, did not deter the enthusiasm of the players, as can be seen opposite by the smiling faces of Gordon McSorley, Bill Wilson Slight and Jack Walton.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Brian Thomson, 35 points
    2 – Scott Taylor, 35
    3 – Graham Lambie, 35

    1 – Joan Tulloch, 36 points
    2 – Jane Wilkinson, 36
    3 – Lynn Manson, 34

Day 3 – Grantown-on-Spey

Day 3 - Grantown-on-SpeyMid-way through the 2021 Speyside Golf Festival, and on to golf at Grantown-on-Spey, with all to play for and perfect conditions for the game of golf.

Congratulations to Graham Lambie (opposite) of The Chase Golf Club, who scored his first ever hole-in-one at Wee Dunt, the short par-3 16th hole.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Anthony Light, 38 points
    2 – Graham Lambie, 37
    3 – David Parkinson, 37

    1 – Lynn Manson, 38 points
    2 – Jo Lockett, 36
    3 – Jean Dalton, 36


Day 2 – Forres

Day 2 - ForresAnother extremely fine day welcomed the competitors of this year’s Festival to the second venue, Muiryshade, the home of Forres G C.

(Nearly) sheltering from the sun, are pictured starter ‘Cherry’ Falconer, with competitors Jean Dalton, Janet Wilkinson and Angela Flynn.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Scott Taylor, 43 points
    2 – Paul Mullen, 41
    3 – Billy Millar, 41

    1 – Brenda Munro, 41 points
    2 – Carol Cheyne, 41
    3 – Anna Major, 41



Day 1 – Moray

Day 1 - MorayThe 10th Anniversary, Speyside Golf Festival started today at Moray Golf Club in glorious weather, the best possible conditions for playing the game, on a wonderful championship links course.

Pictured right, teeing off at Mt Lebanon – the first hole on the Old Course – is Ann Hanson, defending Champion from 2020.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Scott Moreland, 38 points
    2 – David Dempsey, 37
    3 – Jack Walton, 36

    1 – Marian Evans, 36 points
    2 – Anna Major, 36
    3 – Patricia Lambie, 36

Speyside Golf Festival 2020

Congratulations to Anne Hanson who's ten point Stableford points gain on a perfect day at Elgin Golf Club saw her surge through the field and grab victory with an aggegrate best 4 of 5 total of 141 points, winning the Festival by two clear points, with a group of players each following close behind.


2020 Winner

Click here to see the full list of results (the password is caddie).


Day 5 – Elgin

Day 5 - elgins

All too soon, the final day arrived, on to Elgin GC, and perfect conditions.

Elgin Golf Club, one of the finest inland courses in the North of Scotland, is a challenging but fair course and a true test of all players. Situated in the heart of Moray, the golf course boasts stunning views over the town of Elgin, and hills stretching to the distant Cairngorms.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Peter Andrews, 38 points
    2 – Jamie Lockhart, 37
    3 – Peter Uri, 37

    1 – Jill Kimber, 43 points
    2 – Debbie Hudson, 37
    3 – Anne Hanson, 35

The final leader-board being:
    1 – Anne Hanson, 141 points
    2 – Debbie Hudson, 139
    3 – David Bamford, 138

Day 4 – Forres

Day 4 - Forres

Host for the penultimate round of the 2020 Speyside Golf Festival was Forres GC.

Set at Muiryshade, Forres Golf Course is a wonderful parkland golf course with spectacular views and aimed at golfers of all abilities. It is extremely well maintained and has a fine reputation in the area for the condition of its greens.

Daily winners were:

    1 – Roger Wallace, 43 points
    2 – Thomas Jamieson, 43
    3 – Simon Midgley, 38

    1 – Jan Sheargold, 39 points
    2 – Debbie Hudson, 39
    3 – Jill Kimber, 36


Day 3 – Moray

Day 3 - Moray

A challenging day for links golf, and the next round at Moray GC, with the chance of hole-in-one prizes.

The old course is considered to be one of the finest links courses in Scotland. A classic links designed by Old Tom Morris with deep revetted bunkers, undulating gorse-lined fairways and smooth fast greens. It is a superb test of golf.

Daily winners were:

    1 – David Bamford, 34 points
    2 – Helmut Pertler, 34
    3 – Simon English, 34

    1 – Janet Reid-Thomas, 31 points
    2 – Fiona Findlay, 30
    3 – Liz Wood, 30


Day 2 – Grantown-on-Spey

Day 2 - Grantown-on-SpeyA beautiful, sunny day welcomed this year’s competitors to Grantown-on-Spey GC for the second round of the 2018 Speyside Golf Festival.

Grantown-on-Spey Golf Club is one of the finest golf venues in Cairngorm National Park area. Nestled in leafy parkland looking onto the Cairngorm mountains the course was designed by Willie Park with assistance from James Braid.

At the end of play, the daily winners were:

    1 – Barry McGibbon, 37 points
    2 – John  Young, 36
    3 – Eric Rix, 35

    1 – Anne Hanson, 39 points
    2 – Janet Reid-Thomas, 38
    3 – Debbie Hudson, 34


Day 1 – Boat of Garten

Day 1 - Boar of GartenThe Speyside Golf Festival resumed with the start of the 2020 event at Boat of Garten GC.

Designed by one of the grand-masters of golf course architecture, James Braid, “The Boat” is set alongside the River Spey in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. The course is not only renowned as a demanding test of sporting skill but also as a magnificent setting for the game

Competitors from all points of the compass teed-off in rather blustery weather conditions to play on a superb course, in superb condition.

At the end of play, the daily winners were:

    1 – Norman Burns, 33 points
    2 – Steven Leslie, 32
    3 – John Lees, 32

    1 – Lesley Dudgeon, 38 points
    2 – Yvonne Craig, 35
    3 – Anne Hanson, 34

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